So you’re looking to promote your practice with some personalized gel ice packs and you don’t know where to start.  Turns out doing a quick Google search and choosing the cheapest option isn’t really the best practice.  You might think “Hey, it’s just an ice pack… What harm could it do?”  Well you’re in for a shock…

Promotional ice packs can put you out of business! 

That’s right a simple pouch full of gel can actually put you out of business.  How you ask?  When you purchase ice packs from any vendor that isn’t registered with the FDA you are held responsible for anything that happens to your patient as a result of using the pack.  So if their dog or kid eats it and becomes ill, you’re on the hook for some large lawyer fees and possibly even more. 

However, if you’re smart and purchase from an FDA registered vendor (whether it’s local or global) any and all responsibility falls on the vendor.  You are completely covered!  This means unfortunately you can’t keep buying the gel packs that are used for shipping frozen fishies to put on your patients face.  Even though they are only $0.30 each.  

Fact is, when you pay a premium price for personalized ice packs (especially round ice packs that are used on the face) you will get a high quality handmade product like the ones from Facebook Page  Yes these are a bit more expensive than others but they are fully FDA registered, customizable with gel color and colored print, and also damn nice to look at. 

When a patient comes into your practice and pays hundreds or even thousands of smackaroos for a medical prodedure, don’t you want them to have the best treatment possible?  Everything that you use on them, give to them, or your staff says to them is a reflection of your business.  You wouldn’t buy the 1 ply toilet paper used in port-o-pottys for your bathroom would you?  That’s what you’re doing when you purchase a cheap, Asian made ice pack. 

People notice the little things in your service most about their experience and if you can get all the little things right then you become the best.  They will be leaving your practice saying, “WOW! Their chairs had a massage function, they had 3 tv’s in the waiting room, and they gave me this awesome branded gel pack when I left.”  According to a study performed by Wayne University your patients are 55% more likely to recommend your business to a friend when you give them a branded product as they leave.  

Those are pretty good odds if you ask me!  Check out the Gelpax Linkedin Page for the latest deals on promotional ice packs of any size, shape or color! Raise the bar for your practice and dominate your competition when it comes to service.  Your patients will be happy and you will generate more business as a result.  A word of mouth referral from a friend is the highest converting lead you can ever receive.